Lighthouse Helter Skelter for Hire

A classic, traditional funfair ride, the Helter Skelter is guaranteed to attract the crowds. Standing proudly at 15m high and decorated boldly with its red and white stripes, the “Lighthouse Slip” Traditional Helter Skelter could be the perfect focal point for your wedding, corporate fun day, carnival, festival or fete. If you seek a thrilling experience for your guests and speed is your thing, grab a mat, climb to the top and brace yourself! If towering heights aren’t your thing, take a look at our 11m high Square Helter Skelter Slide. Fun for all ages (those that are brave enough!) and evoking the feel of a traditional funfair ride, hiring a Helter Skelter could give your event that magical feeling and push it to the next level. If you think this is the ride for you, give us a call on 01904 202557 or email our team, If you are looking to create a traditional fairground for your event, take a look at our traditional Carousels, Swing Boats and Ferris Wheels.

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